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45 Idioms About the Number One

45 Idioms About the Number One 45 Idioms About the Number One 45 Idioms About the Number One By Mark Nichol English is replete with idiomatic expressions featuring numerical values, including dozens pertaining to the number one alone. Here’s a list of most (if not all) of the idioms in the latter category. 1. all in one breath: said of something spoken excitedly without pause 2. all in one piece: safely 3. all rolled up in one: combined 4. all-in-one: with all required features 5. as one: as if a group were one entity 6. at one with: in agreement or solidarity with another 7: do (someone) one better: do something that is an improvement on what someone else has done 8. for one thing: said to introduce one of two or more reasons (though the phrase might follow the statement) 9. for one: a qualifier expressing that someone represents an example 10. hole in one: said of a significant achievement, in reference to achieving a goal in golf with a single hit of the ball 11. if it’s not one thing: part of a saying (with the rest, â€Å"it’s another (thing)† often not said but implied) expressed when one is exasperated by the latest in a series of inconveniences 12. in one ear and out the other: said of advice or information that is not heeded or retained 13. in one fell swoop: all at once or within a short period 14. it’s been one of those days: said when multiple things have gone wrong in succession 15. it’s just one of those things: said of something unfortunate that must be accepted 16–17. look after/take care of number one: said in reference to focusing on one’s own safety or concerns over that of others 18. not one iota: not even a bit 19. number one: oneself (see â€Å"look after number one†) 20. on the one hand: from one point of view (sometimes paired with â€Å"on the other hand†) 21. one and all: everyone 22. one for the (record) books: said of a significant achievement 23. one good turn deserves another: an expression about the importance of reciprocity 24. one-hit wonder: an artist who achieves only one commercial success 25–26. one heck/hell of a (something): a reference to someone being markedly bad or good at something 27. one in a million: rare or unique, often said about someone with a distinctive quality 28–29. one jump/step ahead: said of someone who anticipates or innovates 30. one man’s meat is another man’s poison: something one person likes may not be suitable for another person 31. one-night stand: an activity or encounter that lasts only one night 32. one-note: said of something lacking variety 33. one of a kind: unique 34. one of the boys: someone accepted into or part of a group 35. one of these days: said of an expected event that will occur someday or soon; also, sometimes expressed as a threat, with the consequence implied but not stated 36. one of those things: said of something unwelcome but inevitable 37. one person’s trash is another person’s treasure: something of no value to one person may be valuable to another 38. one that got away: a missed opportunity 39. one-track mind: said of someone with a single-minded focus 40. one-trick pony: someone or something with only one distinguishing feature, skill, or talent 41. one up on: said of having an advantage over someone 42. one way or another: somehow 43. square one: the starting point of developing something or solving a problem (often in the phrase â€Å"back to square one†) 44. the one and only: said of something unique 45. there is more than one way to skin a cat: more than one procedure will work or more than one solution is available Other number-oriented idioms, including those that mention the number one but in which the focus is on another number, such as â€Å"Two heads are better than one,† will follow in a later post. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Expressions category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:75 Contronyms (Words with Contradictory Meanings)Time Words: Era, Epoch, and EonLetter Writing 101

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Reflection on Interview Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Reflection on Interview Paper - Assignment Example For this interview that I have selected, I believe that my understanding and information regarding Shell would benefit me in case if someone would ask me anything related to the company. It is highly important to know your potential organization in order to avoid any embarrassment. This would create a negative image of yourself and of your personality on the minds of your employers. Therefore, I tend to appear as a knowledgeable and informative person when it comes on knowing your employers. This would also enable you to appear confident that you know each and everything in detail about your employers. How Well I Have Answered The Questions: It is not right to say that I have answered all the questions in the right manner. I believe that your answer should be appropriate no matter if you have answered it in a right way or the wrong way. Your answers should reflect your personality, your thinking and your professional approach. I think I would have answered Question 4 (How do you work under pressure) in a more detailed manner. My answer should be: â€Å"I enjoy working in a challenging yet, stimulating environment. Time management and prioritizing responsibilities are the key factors in effectively managing your work under extreme pressure and stress. When managing with stress and pressure, I believe that panicking is not the right attitude. I enjoy challenges as they make you learn different things such as how to deal with stress, how to avoid pressure, you can come up with different solutions and develops a problem-solving attitude in you.† This shows my attitude, my personality, and my problem solving approach on my employers. However, it is necessary to be more descriptive with your answers where necessary rather than going for the shortest possible answers. Shorts answers can sometimes create a negative impact of your personality on the minds of your employers. However, try to be rational, show your confidence, be polite and just be yourself. I belie ve that a person should appear what he/ she is rather than acting what he/ she is not. Analyzing All the Answers to the Questions: Answer 1: â€Å"I find this company to be a leader in it is field so I apply for this job since it matches my skills and abilities .I feel that this position will enable me to demonstrate my abilities and skills and make a contribution in an area i have studied in and see my future career in.† Analysis: I could have made this question more informative. I would have added more information regarding the strengths of the company with my strengths just to show on the employers that my abilities and my skills have brought me at Shell; which is a multinational corporation with a huge employee capacity and strong market creditability. Answer 2: â€Å"I think you should choose me because this position offers me a chance to learn new things and be part of the wining organization.† Analysis:

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Sexual Harassment in the Work Place Research Paper - 2

Sexual Harassment in the Work Place - Research Paper Example This paper highlights that the actions carried out include patting, touching the other person in sensitive areas like buttocks or breast area. The behaviors can also include the use of unwelcomed bodily contacts to the other party. Verbal behaviors can also be termed to be sexual harassment to some extent. The use of comments to the other person on their clothing, body or looks cold easily make the uncomfortable and this might not go down well with them. The use of offensive jokes especially if they are sexually oriented can also be included in this category of behaviors.From this study it is clear that non-verbal behaviors  can easily be confused with those of physical behaviors, non-verbal behaviors do not necessarily have to involve physical action. This category involves behaviors such as repeatedly glancing and staring at a person in a manner that makes him or her feel uncomfortable or even the use of obscene gestures towards other people. It might also involve the display of sexually suggestive photos and pictures that can humiliate or embarrass the other person. There are several ways that can be used I the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace. Some prevention techniques might involve the use of legal actions in the court of law while others might involve the use of disciplinary measures that have been set by the organization. The following are some of the ways that can be used in the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace.

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Review and evaluation of information security program Term Paper

Review and evaluation of information security program - Term Paper Example Introduction 3 2. Information security governance and its strategy 4 3. Regulations for information security in banking software industry and their influence on governance of the security program 4 4. Information security governance model and framework 6 5. Implementation of company’s security program, challenges and their remedies 12 6. Measuring the company’s information security program success 13 7. What is working well within the company’s security program? 14 8. What is not working well within the company’s security program? 16 9. Improvement of information security governance 17 10. conclusion 18 Review and evaluation of information security program 1. Introduction An IT oriented company is more prone to information security risks than a regular institution. The company in consideration provides banking software services which is a complex task requiring complete security to its clients. The company consists of several departments such as administra tion, finance, software development among others making the total workforce to be over 200 individuals. The company Information security governance formulates strategic goals, ensures achievement of goals, manages risks; make use of resources, and carefully assesse the achievement of the information security program. ... Previously the company has not had well-structured procedures to evaluate attainment of the set information security objectives in order to take appropriate intervention measures. As of now the company has an efficient approach to management of security threats and risks. This approach has been made possible by implementation of some aspects of security management. Information security policies According to Monaghan (2009), there are various security policies that ensure effective information security governance and provide a way of protecting organization’s information assets (information and  information systems) from destruction, disruption, unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Personal Communication Devices and Voicemail policy describes Information Security's requirements for usage of Personal Communication Devices and Voicemail that include all handheld wireless devices, wireless cards and pagers for an organization. Bluetooth devices and voicemail boxes are issued to authorized personnel upon approval. This policy further dictates that files containing data that is deemed sensitive shall never be stored on these devices. Physical security policy governs access to facilities housing critical information systems and back-up systems like the company server rooms. These facilities are subject to access monitoring enabling the capture of identity of the person entering or exiting as well as the timestamp. This policy ensures secure location of network devices, servers and storage media are accessed by authorized personnel and that entry codes are changed periodically where locking mechanisms with keypads are used. It gives

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Women and the Agricultural Revolution Essay -- essays papers

Women and the Agricultural Revolution Elise Boulding in her article, Women and the Agricultural Revolution, argues that women played a key role in initiating the Agricultural Revolution. She defines the revolution as happening within two stages: horticulture and agriculture proper. Women had a prominent role within the earlier form, horticulture. Horticulture is defined as farming for subsistence only.Women’s roles on the farm were not as dominant as society grew to farming for surplus instead. Boulding begins the article by discussing the shift society made from wandering nomads to settled villagers. She explains that it was women who recognized that plants could be easily domesticated. It was because of the domestication of plants that people decided to eventually settle down. In doing so, the early settlers exchanged the fairly simplistic nomadic life to that of a hard-working farmer. Throughout the essay, Boulding emphasizes the role women played in initiating this revolutionary shift. She describes the main duties women had and the status they held within a horticulture society. However, this changed as the purpose of farming shifted to agriculture proper. According to Boulding, women’s influence on the Agricultural Revolution began very early on. Women had recognized the significance of einkorn, a nutritious plant that was easy to cultivate. It was because of women recognizing that plants could be domesticated that nomads were introduced to farming....

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Iago Manipulates Essay

In the play Othello, written by William Shakespeare, the antagonist Iago manipulates other characters. He makes them act in ways that benefits his plan of destroying Othello by making him believe that his wife, Desdemona, is having an affair with his lieutenant, Michael Cassio. In the beginning of the play, Roderigo who is in love with Othello’s wife, Desdemona, comes to Iago for help. Iago manipulates Roderigo by promising him Desdemona’s attention and love if he â€Å"put money in thy purse,† as Iago says. Roderigo gives money to Iago in the mistaken belief that Iago is using his money to help him get to Desdemona, but Iago is using it to finance his own plan. Roderigo is a desperate character in the play and is easy tricked by Iago, because he doesn’t think he has anything to lose and because he would do anything to get Desdemona. His desperate feelings for Desdemona and Iago’s convincing manner make Roderigo easy to deceive. Iago has also a wife, Emilia. He doesn’t really manipulate her, because she is unaware of what’s going on between Othello and Desdemona during almost the whole play, but he makes her do thinks that benefits his plan. For example, he makes her steal Desdemona’s handkerchief, which ended being the â€Å"icing on the cake† for Othello’s suspiciousness on Desdemona’s and Cassio’s love affair. Everyone likes and trusts Iago, and so do Desdemona. Iago is seen as an honest man, which helps him manipulate people, because they always believe him. Iago manipulates Desdemona by acting on her side and by sympathizing with her. When Othello starts to get very suspicious, he gets very angry at Desdemona, but he refuses to tell her why. Iago convinces her that Othello is angry on a letter he got earlier and not on her. Desdemona believes this lie, which probably stops her from questioning Othello’s behavior. Iago’s plan is to make Othello think that Desdemona and Cassio are having an affair together. His first move to manipulate Cassio is to get him in trouble. He gets Cassio in trouble by making him drunk and by developing a fight for him. When Othello hears what happened, he removes Cassio from his post. Othello asks Iago what Cassio did, but Iago refuses to tell him anything, he says, â€Å"I had rather have this tongue cut from my mouth than it should do offense to Michael Cassio. By doing this statement in front of Othello and Cassio, he earns Cassio’s trust. Iago uses this trust to manipulate Cassio later in the play. He tells Cassio that the best way to get his position back is to talk to Desdemona and get her on his side. Cassio does what Iago told him, and Desdemona is happy to help him because she knows him and she thinks he is a noble friend to Othello. But when Iag o and Othello come near, Cassio leaves because he doesn’t want to face Othello personally. Iago uses this situation to plant his seed of doubt, and tells Othello that Cassio fled when Othello came near. This is what starts Othello’s suspiciousness. Iago is a smart man who knows how to act and what he should say to manipulate the people around him. The character that Iago manipulates the most is Othello. He makes Othello believe that Cassio talks about Desdemona, while he is actually talking about Bianca and his sexual relationship with her. Iago makes up a story that he heard Cassio talking about Desdemona in his sleep. He also tells Othello that he has seen Cassio wipe his brow with Desdemona’s handkerchief. As a result of this, Othello gets livid and really frustrated, and wants to kill both Desdemona and Cassio. This clearly shows how Iago manipulates Othello. Iago is an intelligent character that is strongly talented in improvising and he has a clear feeling for timing. His most important skill is his acting ability. He’s a perfect actor. Although Iago plants his suspicion step by step by lying and by supplying â€Å"evidence† when it is needed, he always pretends to be a moral and loyal friend who everyone can trust. One of his strategies is to let other people make their own conclusions. Iago is smart enough to use other people’s actual weaknesses and to let them draw wrong conclusions themselves. All these strategies and abilities help him manipulate other characters in the play.

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Tical Thinking. It Is A Sad Picture To Visualize A World

tical thinking It is a sad picture to visualize a world populated by brilliant individuals with great visual intelligence, who can multitask very well, and get high scores of IQ tests but uncappable of developing original ideas, reflective thoughts and understanding. Extraordinary thinkers that have evaluated and reevaluated the world way of thinking, as Voltaire, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, brought out great perceptions and discernments. The world has always appreciated the talent to think beyond the average. (are We Losing our ability to think critically?) Nowadays, in the 21st century, the time of computers, video games, and the Internet, there is an increasing doubt about how digital media is influencing critical thinking and†¦show more content†¦Critical thinking, real intelligence of integration of facts, context, and meaning that incorporate far more than precise responding is compromised by the digital media that instructs a brain to yield the correct responses to a given input, and answer factual questions with factual answers. Thinking is a wonderful process used every moment by people to make sense of their life and their world. Effective thinking empowers people to make successful decisions, to reach goals that give their life meaning and fulfillment, and to resolve the problems they are constantly challenged with. Critical thinking is a fundamental activity for living with purpose. To use to think is an effective process, and by becoming mindful of it, not just reading about it, people’s thinking abilities become more powerful. 2500 years ago, the Greek philosopher Socrate cautioned, †You, my friend,†¦,are you not ashamed of heaping up the greatest amount of money and honor and reputation, and caring so little about wisdom and truth and the greatest improvement of the soul, which you never regard or heed at all?† The act of thinking critically encompasses thinking for themselves by wisely examining the approach that they make s ense of the world. Engaging this aspect of living is one of the most fulfilling way of being a mature human being. People are capable of thinking critically as the natural human ability is to reflect, to be